Vetlanda Atv offroads regulations on the driving range Torskrok


2nd vehicle

2.1 General
All vehicles must comply with the requirements :
• The vehicle must be street-legal .
• Gross vehicle weight is 3.5 tonnes unless otherwise approved by the hit lead.
• Only 4x4 vehicles unless otherwise approved by the hit lead.
• Drivers must have for the type of vehicle valid driving license.
• The vehicle should be equipped with first aid equipment , fire extinguishers and equipment
debugging known . ADR bag .
• motorized " toys " ( ATV 50 - 150cc ) for children are allowed.
• Before driving sign up and pay ev . charge to hit the lead .

2.2 Insurance
• All vehicles must be insured with a minimum motor insurance or equivalent
this shall be evidenced by proof of insurance.

2.3 Registration
• The vehicle must be operated , decommissioned vehicles are not permitted.
• The vehicle must be identifiable by means of registration with
compliant chassis number and registration papers.

2.4 inspection
• The vehicle must be inspected and be approved for road use by SBP or
equivalent. Status shall be evidenced by inspection protocols .
• At the contest see resp . competition regulations

2.5 ATV
• ATVs are allowed.
• Drivers and passengers must wear helmets.
• Drivers must have for the type of vehicle valid driving license.

3rd driving

3.1 General
• All driving must be done in a responsible manner .
• Maximum recommended speed is 30 km / h on the whole area.
• All driving is done at your own risk .
• Road Traffic also applies in the forest

3.2 Area
• All driving shall take place on the designated area, if retraction is permitted , the driver is required to
know the area's outer limits see any . sketch map .
• Respect the restricted areas if in doubt run the other way.
• Winching in utility poles , fences , or other similar objects is prohibited.
• Do not operate in trenches , soft roadsides mm .

3.3 Environmental
• Driving should be done in such a way that unnecessary ground damage does not occur .
• Check the vehicle while driving , if the leakage of oil etc. . incurred to avoid
higher emissions . Also keep watch for ev . the car ahead in this regard.
• If emissions of hazardous substances such as oil occurred shall immediately be cleaned up. on
the driver does not have the resources to implement this in a satisfactory manner,
hit lead notified.
• Ensure that the vehicle has effective noise reduction and emission acc. SRA rules.
• When winching the tree , use the textile strap , make sure that the tree diameter of 30 cm .
• Do not knowingly against tree trunks.
• Snow chains should not be used on bare ground .
• Washing the car should be in the appropriate place , preferably with the cleaning of the wash water.
• Rubbish must not be left on the driving range , but taken and submitted to the appropriate location.
• Servicing should only be made at arranged place (eg at the rally point ) .
• Decontamination equipment should be disposed at the recycling center , Jonsboda at the cottage.
• Drainage bag should be in all cars.

3.4 Alcohol & Drugs
Vetlanda Atv Offroad policy on alcohol and drugs should be followed , and involves following:
• that all activities VAO is and should be completely alcohol and drug free.
• that smoking not take place in the society premises.
• doping and drug trafficking is prohibited by law why it totally rejected.
• that when the celebrations held in the name of the alcohol may be ingested in an orderly manner
of Legal Age , however with the restriction when youth are present.
On the offroad section runs also applies to :
• Drivers must not be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, it is additionally prohibited
under Swedish law.
• Co-drivern/passagerarna should not be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs when
may pose a risk to him or people around at tex . winching or other
help around the vehicles.

4th security

4.1 General
• Beware audience, berry pickers , moose and more. so that they can not be damaged .
• When winching use the winch mat and gloves, be sure to keep people out of the danger zone
ie . minimum length of the cable in all directions.
• Stop if possible visible by the side of the track, not right after the obstacle, the mm . without
leave plenty of room .
• Fire extinguishers and first-aid kit should be carried in all vehicles.

• When towing , use the strap at least 4 feet , make sure there is space around the cars before
movement , observe extra caution when connecting and disconnecting .
• Keep your distance especially when ATVs are with .
• Maximum speed is 30km / h in the art.

4.2 Road safety
• Only seats intended for passenger may be used , for example, passengers on
pickup truck / cargo rack is prohibited.
• All seating should / must be fitted with at least waist belt.
• The belt should be used when available .
• The passenger compartment shall be designed so that passengers can not come in contact
with sharp objects such as from trimmings or damaged body parts .
• The vehicle must have working brakes.
• Steering and suspension shall be whole .
• Open the vehicle shall be equipped with a roll bar / cage , except vehicles
original design.

4.3 Audience
• Parents are responsible for their children in and out of cars.
• Children MUST be provided with safety clothes .
  Pets MUST be connected and monitored.
• Ensure that the public is safe when dangerous passages.
• Make sure that the audience does not get in the way and that they perceive the intended route.
• Help keep away crowds at hazardous elements .
• Inform the public about possible . hazards and risks .
• Public Safety is everyone's responsibility.

5th Other

5.1 Competition
• Which rules , Event form specified in the invitation and PM to resp. contest.
• Tarpaulin or the like is added under vehicles when they are installed in the pit or
when repairs are performed at another place in the field or out on the race circuits.
• Refuelling is only permitted in designated areas in the pits .
• Eco- Bag should be in every race rig.

1 MC = A driving license.
= Terrain vehicle driver's license or tractor license issued prior to 1/1, 2000, or a special license for off-road vehicles .
Tractor Tractor = Card or driver's license.